A few months ago we began a series we have titled, “7 Questions To Ask The Roofer Who Is Knocking On Your Door.” These questions are designed to help protect you from getting ripped off by the door-to-door roofing salesman who are now heavily canvassing many of the neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. Remember, as I always say, “Not every roofer who knocks on your door will rip you off, but every roofer that will rip you off will knock on your door.”

Here's Question #4 You Should Ask The Roofer You're Thinking About Hiring

Question #4: Will You Help Me Pay My Deductible?


This is a question that seems like a win-situation for you if the contractor tells you he will help pay part or all of your deductible, but in Colorado, since June of 2012, it has been illegal for a roofing contractor to pay, waive, discount, or rebate all or part of your insurance deductible. Doing so constitutes insurance fraud on the part of the insured. If a contractor is willing to break the law in order to get your business, you should ask yourself if you can really trust him.

While it can be very tempting to hire a contractor who offers to give you a “free” roof, you should understand that he will make up that lost money somewhere else, either by cutting corners in the materials used, or by hiring laborers that don't know what they're doing, or by not honoring or supporting his warranty.

Recently the media has been doing a good job of informing homeowners of this law and have even asked homeowners to report roofers who are offering to pay the deductible for you. You can get more information about insurance claims and deductible laws at http://coloradoroofing.org/consumer/hailstorms-and-your-roof.


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