In this video we explain about a practice that homeowners have told us about where roofers tell their customers that they'll do their roofs, or maybe even their roof and gutters, for "whatever the insurance payout is".  Then at the end of the job, they collect the entire insurance claim amount.  So, the roofer takes more money than they should have.

The problem that these homeowners are running into is that their insurance claims also included payments for many other damaged items. There may have been damaged windows, paint, siding, etc., all of which were included in the claim and payment made.  But the roofer has collected the entire amount of the insurance check.  This has left the homeowners with no money to get these other repairs done.


The bottom line: make sure you understand how much money is in your claim for your roof  Also, make sure that you have a contract from the roofer that states, what work he will be doing, and for what price.  Then make sure that you're not committing to give your roofer more money than he should get for the work he is doing.

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