It's not uncommon for us to hear from homeowners who wonder why their neighbors are getting new roofs, but their insurance claim has been denied.  Or perhaps they've been told that their roof is in good condition.  There may be a good reason why you can't get your roof replaced.


There are many reasons why this could happen. Some reasons may be due to inexperience or even negligence on the part of an insurance adjuster.  Other reasons could actually be positive!

Regardless of the reason, you have been told that you don't need a new roof.  If that is so, and if all of your neighbors are getting re-roofs, you should ask an experienced roofing contractor to re-inspect your roof.

Take a walk with us for a few minutes and find out the reasons why your insurance claim may have been denied or why you really don't need a new roof even though all your neighbors do.  The reason why you can't get your roof replaced may be a good thing, or not.

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