Many people don't know what to do after it hails and immediately call their insurance company to request to have an "inspector" come out to their house. They think that the "inspector" will tell them if they have hail damage or not and whether or not they should file a claim.


The big mistake in doing this is that once you call your insurance company to ask to have someone come look at your roof, you have filed a claim.  The "inspector" that comes to look at your roof is actually a claims adjuster who has been assigned to determine an estimated value to repair the damages to your property.  He is not there to inspect for damages.  But guess what?  Once you have filed a claim, even if you have no damage, you will still have a claim on your record.  That's why you shouldn't call your insurance company after a hail storm!

Take a walk with us for a few minutes and learn what to do after it hails to determine if your property has been damaged.

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