You may have been affected by the massive storm, known as the "bomb cyclone" that hit our area on March 13, 2019. But just because you may have been affected, should you file an insurance claim?  It's important to know when to call your insurance company, and when not to.

The simple rule of thumb should be, if you observe major damage to your property, then don't delay, call your insurance company.  If you observe only minor damage, don't call your insurance company.  Instead, call a credible contractor to inspect your property.

What is "major damage?"

If you had a tree fall on your house, and branches from the tree put holes in your roof, that's "major damage."  If 15-20% or more of your shingles blew off, that's "major damage.  If you had branches fall on your roof, but didn't penetrate the roof, that's not major damage.

If you don't have major damage and you file a claim, then your adjuster may deny the claim, at which point you then have a "zero-pay claim" on your record (watch this video for more information on zero pay claims).

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you call a contractor to inspect your property.  If you have an insurable loss, your contractor will let you know.  Remember, it's important to know when to call your insurance company, and when not to.

If you have any questions about the condition of your roof after a severe storm, please contact Homestead Roofing.

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