After a hail storm rolls through the Colorado Springs area, there's normally a flurry of homeowners calling their insurance companies.  Many of them have been encouraged to do so by zealous roofing salesmen.  But before you call your insurance company, there are three things to know before filing a claim.

Number one, just because there's been a hailstorm in your area does not mean that you should automatically file a claim.  Have your roof checked by a reputable roofing contractor first.  If he determines you have enough damage to warrant a claim, then call your insurance company.
Number two, you've got to find out what your policy coverage is.  Is it actual cash value or is it replacement cost value?  This video explains the difference between RCV and ACV policies.  Knowing this will help you understand how much out of pocket you may need to pay.
Number three, you need to know your deductible amount?  People are getting surprised because they are finding out that their deductibles are a lot higher than they thought.
So, learn the three things you should know before filing a claim to prevent making a poor decision, and getting caught off guard with surprise costs.

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