Conventional wisdom says getting three estimates any time you have a big purchase to make is a good idea. But this idea could come back to bite you when hiring a contractor to replace your roof for your insurance claim.


While it's always a great idea to interview more than one roofing contractor, basing your decision on three estimates may lead you to make the wrong decision.

If you've been told by your insurance adjuster, insurance agent, or friend that getting three estimates for your re-roof is what you need to do, be aware of the pit falls of doing so.

First, watch our video that explains the difference between a replacement cost value (RCV) insurance policy, and an actual cash value (ACV) insurance policy.

It's important to note that almost 100% of insurance claims for property damage are purposely estimated low out of the box (there are several reasons for that which we explain in a different video).

If you have an RCV policy, rather than getting three estimates, you will be better off trying to find a reputable roofing contractor.  Find one that offers good warranties, outstanding customer service, and who will be around if something goes wrong.

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