Many times a homeowner will be in a tough spot if his roof has concrete tiles.  If the tiles are older than 8-10 years, you may be looking at replacing obsolete concrete tiles that can't be purchased new.  If there are broken tiles on the roof, they'll have to be replaced, but replaced with what?


Thankfully, there are local sources where roofers can find obsolete concrete tiles.  We call them "bone yards".  These are tiles that may have been removed from a home and salvaged for future use.  However, if a match can't be made at a bone yard, often tiles can be moved from a less visible section of a roof to replace a broken tile in a more visible area.  Then a near match tile can replace the moved tile.  There are various ways a good roofer can deal with replacing obsolete concrete tiles, so make sure you work with a reputable and well established roofing company.

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