I recently published a blog post about the perfect roofing material for Colorado Springs, and in that post, I bragged about a product called F-Wave. 

F-Wave is a newer roofing material product in the Colorado Springs area, and although there are some other homes and businesses here that have F-Wave installed on them, we just recently had our first client who had done a lot of research on F-Wave and decided he would have us install it on his roof. 

Why Would You Want An F-Wave Roof?

There are a number of reasons why you would want the F-Wave product on your roof, which we listed in the other blog post about the "Perfect Roofing Material..." but in my opinion, the main reason is that you would never have to worry about your roof getting ruined or damaged by hail. Not only would you not have to have the hassle of having a re-roof project disrupting your life and property, but you wouldn't have the expense of paying your insurance deductible. Not only that, but many insurance companies offer premium discounts to homeowners who have class 4 impact-resistant roofing materials on their homes, and F-Wave qualifies for that discount.

What Does An F-Wave Roof Cost?

In order to provide you with relevant information, I'm going to assume some things. This isn't going to tell you specifically what F-Wave would cost on *your* house, but what it would cost on an average house with an average roof. Of course, the cost of F-Wave on your home will be different, but the information below will give you an objective way to compare F-Wave with other options.

  • First, I'm going to assume it's a simple roof - meaning that it doesn't have a lot facets and angles.
  • It's also a one-story roof with no steep pitches
  • I've also excluded all accessories like vents, flashings, skylights, etc.
  • The size of our "sample" roof is just under 2700 square feet
  • The product being removed from the roof is a standard laminate asphalt shingle

The Products We're Comparing...

To give you a breadth of options to see where F-Wave lines up, we've included the following as our list of replacement comparisons:

  • Standard laminate asphalt shingle (such as CertainTeed Landmark, Owens-Corning Duration, etc.)
  • Luxury-style impact resistant asphalt shingle (such as CertainTeed Presidential)
  • Stone-coated steel (such as Decra Shake XD)
  • Concrete tile
  • Premium synthetic slate (such as DaVinci Bellaforte)

Product Price Range per square foot Total price range
Standard shingle $3.80 - $4.20 $10,260 - $11,340
Luxury impact resistant shingle $5.30 - $5.65 $14,310 - $15,255
Concrete tile or Decra $11.50 - $12.50 $31,050 - $33,750
Synthetic slate $13.50 - $14.50 $36,450 - $39,150
F-Wave Slate $7.50 - $8.00 $20,250 - $21,600
F-Wave Shake $8.50 - $9.00 $22,950 - $24,300

In our examples above, the F-wave slate product would be approximately $16,200 - $17,550  less expensive than a premium synthetic slate product like DaVinci Bellaforte and about $10,800 - $12,150 less expensive than a concrete tile* or a stone-coated steel product like Decra.

Yes, there is a cost associated with upgrading from either a standard asphalt shingle or a luxury impact resistant shingle to F-Wave, but from our experience working with the product and seeing it up-close, we believe that it's a product well worth considering as a replacement material for your home.

If you make the initial investment in F-Wave as opposed to any other roofing material, you would probably qualify for immediate, and non-expiring discounts from your insurance company on your premiums, plus you would also avoid having to pay any future deductibles from any potential hail damage claims. 

*Concrete tile may not be an option for an average home because the roof trusses or rafters may not be engineered to withstand the high weight load of the concrete.

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