Colorado Springs has a history of troublesome weather that damages roofs. People have tried many different types of roofing materials to reduce or eliminate damage from weather, specifically hail.

There are "impact-resistant" asphalt shingles. Some of these are good and some are not good. We strongly favor the CertainTeed Northgate and have found that it has held up better than any other asphalt shingle, however, if the hail is large enough it will damage even the toughest asphalt shingle.

Some homeowners install metal roofs. These are also rated as impact-resistant, however, just like with asphalt shingles, if the hail is large enough, it will still damage metal roofing and leave your roof looking either like a golf ball or the surface of the moon!

Other homeowners try an even tougher material and install concrete tiles. The problems with a tile roof are:

  • It's an expensive option to roof your home
  • Your roof structure needs to be engineered to hold up to the weight load of the concrete and any snow that will accumulate on it
  • Once the tiles get brittle from exposure to the hot sun and freezing temperatures in Colorado Springs, it can be impossible to walk on them without breaking them, and they can be turned into rubble in a nasty hail storm

I personally dislike metal tile and concrete/clay tile roofs because neither will act as an effective water barrier. The primary water barrier on a tile roof is the underlayment, because it's not "if" water will get under the tiles, it's "when" water gets under the tiles. 

We believe we have the best option for roofing in Colorado Springs that combines all the best features of all the other roofing materials.

F-Wave Synthetic Roofing Shingles

F-Wave is a product that is about 5 to 6 years old, but there are already several buildings, both homes and businesses in Colorado Springs that have F-Wave roofs. 

F-Wave has the toughness of concrete tiles, but at a fraction of the weight. Even better is the fact that since they're a synthetic material, if they do get bruised by hail, they "self-heal." What that means is that if the shingle gets damaged, once the sun warms up the shingle, it can return to its normal shape and basically hide the bruise. Let's see a broken concrete tile or even the best asphalt shingle do that!

Another benefit of F-Wave is that it functions exactly like an asphalt shingle. It lays down in strips, gets nailed onto the roof deck, and has a seal strip that adheres each shingle together. It's installed just like regular shingles.

You know what's annoying?

Often your gutters will collect the grit from your shingles and some times it even washes down your downspouts onto your yard. f-wave slate

That doesn't happen with F-Wave! The shingles that are designed to look like they're stone-coated are actually just textured to look like that. There's no grit or granules on the F-Wave product to wash off or scrape off the shingles.

What does an F-Wave roof cost?

An F-Wave roof is a bit more expensive than asphalt shingles, but less than stone-coated steel or tile. But, in return, you get the ease of installation and superior water-shedding traits of asphalt shingles without the annoying delamination of the shingle granules.

And, you get a roof that is every bit as tough as steel or tile without the high cost of either of those materials. I believe this is a great product to compete with asphalt shingles for roofs in most neighborhoods. It works very well in areas with HOA requirements. It can even work on luxury homes if a homeowner doesn't want to consider some of the "premier" or "showcase" products that are available. 

Interested to see a comparison of the costs of F-Wave versus other roofing materials?

The best part?

F-Wave comes with a 5-year Hail Warranty. If your roof gets damaged by hail within 5 years of installation, F-Wave will replace it for you.

It's E-Friendly!

F-Wave is made from virgin products, but if it ever needs to be replaced, it can be recycled, unlike asphalt shingles or concrete/clay tiles.

Homestead Roofing has installed F-Wave and we'd love to present this option to you for your roof!

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