It's critically important for a homeowner to know and understand the different types of insurance that your roofing contractor can and should have to protect you.  So, make sure your roofer is fully insured before you hire him.


If you're in the process of interviewing or hiring a roofing contractor, then this is information you need. Don't hire a roofer without understanding what your potential liabilities could be.  At a minimum, a roofing contractor should have a general liability policy covering their company.  In addition, they should also have a workers compensation policy to cover them in case of accidental injuries incurred at a job site.

To protect yourself, ask the roofing contractor to send you a copy of his insurance paperwork.  However, be sure to ask them to have their insurance agent email or mail you a copy of their insurance certificates, as copies can be, and often are, counterfeited.  Again, to protect yourself and your property, make sure your roofer is fully insured.

Homestead Roofing, Inc is a licensed and fully-insured roofing contractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We serve homeowners in Colorado Springs, Fountain, Falcon, Peyton, Manitou Springs, and other surrounding communities.

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