We worked hard to get a leak fixed before a storm blew in, but then when it came time to get the bill sent to the homeowner, I dropped the ball. Then I miscommunicated with Josiah, our office administrator, on how to collect the payment from the homeowner, so we ended up causing some unnecessary frustration on the part of our client. I felt horrible about it for days because we caused our client an inconvenience. I don’t ever want to do that.

Here’s What I Would Like You To Do If You Ever Feel Like Homestead Roofing Has Let You Down


That’s right. I want you to complain. I want you to call me, personally, and let me know if/when we ever fail you. I want you to do this so I can make things right. You and I, and every one of us have had our full share of bad, terrible, or even just complacent customer service, so our goal at Homestead Roofing is to always make our clients happy. No matter what it is you need from us or what it is we’re doing for you. We want you happy because that’s how we would want to be treated. So if you’re not happy for any reason, call me, text me, send me Email, or send me a letter, and I’ll work hard to make everything right for you.


Tracy Bookman

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