A word of caution, beware of unscrupulous insurance adjusters.  Many insurance companies will use subcontractor adjusters when there’s a large volume of claims to handle because they don’t normally have enough adjusters “on the ground” when a catastrophe hits an area. Not every insurance company compensates their subcontracted adjusters the same way, but there’s one notable, glaring conflict of interest in the way at least one company does it. This one insurance company pays a flat fee to the adjuster if he has to deny a claim. The flat fee ranges between $65 and $100, depending on several factors. If the adjuster accepts a claim, the insurance company pays him or her a percentage of the claim amount. This bizarre way of paying an adjuster actually incentives the adjusters to falsify claims.

Here's one example of this happening recently and it almost cost the homeowner $12,000!

Not every insurance adjuster is looking out for the best interests of the homeowner.  Sometimes, he's looking to pad his own pocket instead. So, beware of unscrupulous insurance adjusters who may try to take advantage of your situation.

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