No matter if it is due to wear and tear or severe weather damage, the roof replacement process can be an anxious time, especially when dealing with insurance claims. Not only do homeowners find themselves with many questions about how the process works, but they also wonder whether the roofing contractor and the insurance adjuster need to meet to get the job done. 



Why Would a Roofing Contractor Meet with an Insurance Adjuster?

There could be a variety of reasons why people want their roofing contractors to meet with their insurance adjuster at their house. Often these reasons include:

The Homeowner's Inherent Distrust of Insurance Companies: Many people tend not to trust the insurance adjusters and want someone at the house representing their interests, especially when they are not able to be at the home when the adjuster is there. 

Roofing Contractors Think They Can Sway the Insurance Adjuster: Homeowners have been conditioned by roofers to think that the roofing contractor needs to meet the adjuster, mainly because the roofer thinks they can somehow sway the adjuster's opinion. A lot of times, if the damages are borderline and the roofing contractor really does not think it is insurable damage, they want to be there to "twist the adjuster's arm" to accept the claim. 

Do Your Insurance Adjuster and Roofing Contractor Need to Meet?

In truth, it is an unneeded step in the process. The insurance adjuster will usually know what they are doing, and they really do not need a roofing contractor there trying to talk them into this or that. 

Maybe in some particular instances, an adjuster may appreciate having a contractor there if the damage is borderline, and they may ask the roofing contractor where the damage is if they genuinely want to help the customer.

What if the Adjuster Denies a Claim and There is Insurable Damage or If They Miss Something?

Even if the adjuster misses something or denies a claim when they shouldn't, it doesn’t have to be a problem. Experienced roofing contractors deal with this issue all the time. 

If the adjuster misses something, your roofing contractor will go through the supplement process—meaning they will send the insurance company their estimates with all the evidence, photos, and verification of all the things that were not included in the claim and ask for them to be included.

Adjusters are usually quite capable of scoping out the loss and are experienced enough to take care of the problem. Typically, we haven't found that it's normally necessary for us to meet with your adjuster, but if you think we should, please let us know so we can discuss our process with you before the adjuster's visit.

If you have more questions about roofing contractors, repairs, or insurance, feel free to give us a call. A member of our team will gladly talk with you and answer any questions you may have.

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