Many people will stress over choosing the best time of year to perform roof repairs on their home, either waiting for ‘busy season’ or the opposite. But, should you really put off important roof work just because the month seems wrong? The short answer is: no. The best time of the year to roof a house is when you need it the most.

In Colorado, each season has a fair collection of suitable days for roofing. So if you are planning to sell a house or wondering about roof replacement due to damage, any season works.

What you need to pay attention to is the weather. Roofing work requires mild weather conditions with temperatures between 45 °F and 85 °F.  

If there is a chance of rain or snow in the next several days, put the work off. Otherwise, shingles won't have time to seal before precipitations hit.

Roof Repairs in the Fall

Fall is the best time of the year to roof a house for the following reasons:

  • Temperatures are mild enough to do the job.
  • The chances of precipitation is usually low.
  • Summer hail storms are over.
  • Snow is almost out of the question.

If you aren't in a rush to do roof maintenance or replacement, consider putting it off until the fall.

Roofing Your House in the Winter

A common misconception is that roof work shouldn't be done during the winter. While it may work for colder states, in Colorado winters are often mild enough for roofing.

While January can be cold and cloudy, in December and February, you can find fair and warm days (45 degrees or warmer) to get the job done.  

However, in the winter you should be especially careful with watching the forecast. The weather can be unpredictable.

Another benefit of roofing your house in the winter is convenience. Since the majority of people try to get the roofing work done in the fall, winter is a quiet season. You can usually schedule roofing for a convenient date and time.

Roofing in the Spring

After fall, spring is the second-best season for roofing your house. Temperatures are mild enough to get the job done. Meanwhile, the number of sunny days is rising.

Many roofs suffer damage during the winter, especially without proper fall maintenance. That's why roofing work in the spring is especially popular.

Spring is the best time to roof your house because:

  • Temperatures are often around 60 °F — a perfect temperature for roofing.
  • Precipitations aren't as common as they are in the winter.
  • It's time to fix the winter damage.

Waiting with Roofing until the Summer

Some people make a mistake of believing that all repair and maintenance work should be done in the summer. When it comes to roofing, summer isn't always the best choice.

Once temperatures rise above 85°F, installing a new roof can become a problem. At higher temperatures, there's more chance that the shingles will get scuffed by the workers' boots because the asphalt layer on the shingle becomes pretty soft.

However, Colorado summers can often be mild enough to allow roofing. So if temperatures are below 85 °F, and no hot days are in the forecast, roofing is just as possible as it is in the fall or spring.

Like we mentioned in the beginning, the best time to repair your roof is when you need it done. Don’t put off crucial repairs just because of the seasons. Contact us at Homestead Roofing anytime and we can discuss everything you need to know about your next roofing project.

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