What Happened to T Lock Shingles?

  • October 19, 2020

If your home is from the 1980s or 90s (or if you knew a thing or two about houses back then), you might be familiar with T-lock shingles. They were all the rage back then—especially throughout Colorado Springs and the rest of the Front Range area or any area that experienced high winds or tough weather. You’re not going crazy if you think you’ve seen less of them lately. Here’s why T-lock shingles are disappearing and what you should do if your home has them.

What Ever Happened To T-Lock Shingles?

T-lock shingles were invented in the 1950s as a roofing material that interlocks. The idea behind the design is simple: when the individual shingles are interconnected, there's less possibility of wind ripping shingles away from homes.

T-lock shingles' design made them especially popular in high-wind areas. Here in the Front Range, and along the Rocky Mountain West, high wind levels made T-lock shingles an ideal roofing choice. They were even popular through the Midwest and into Oklahoma and Texas.

So, what happened to them? Over the years, manufacturers made them thinner and thinner which slashed their lifespan over and over. Eventually the demand dropped off and those same manufacturers stopped making them, hence why you won’t see them around anymore.

I Have T-Lock Shingles On My House In Colorado. Can I Have Them Replaced Or Repaired?

Production on T-lock shingles stopped sometime between 2004 and 2005. They are now obsolete and have been for around 15 years. Having them on your house can be difficult because of insurance not wanting to insure them or a buyer may be wary since, most of the time, they need to be replaced.

Many roofers and insurance companies advise homeowners with T-lock shingles to replace them instead of trying to repair them

Do I Have to Replace My T-Lock Shingles?

Many homeowners are visited by roofers who say that they have to re-roof the home due to T-lock shingles. This isn't necessarily the case.

Simply put, if your T-lock shingles have been installed sometime within the last fifteen years, and they appear visibly functional, they may not warrant immediate replacement.

If they do need to be replaced, it is possible to find them but you may not find the same color or texture which can make your roof look a little patchy.

T-Lock Shingle Services In Colorado Springs: Homestead Roofing

If you have T-lock shingles (or questions about T-lock shingles), you can reach out to our team for more information, Contact us today.

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