Is it worth it to upgrade to impact resistant shingles?  That all depends on what your goals are and what the product is that you're considering having installed.


The Two Main Benefits of Impact Resistant Shingles For Your Roof

There are really two benefits that you get by putting impact resistant shingles on your home.  The first is that you could get a discount on your insurance rates.  Some insurance companies give as much as a 28% discount to homeowners who have an IR shingle on their home. 

Another benefit is you may not have to pay another deductible.  That could work out to be a pretty substantial amount for you.  Because insurance companies are changing deductible amounts, a lot of people have deductibles that are much higher than what used to be standard.

 shingles on a roof

Beware of Roofing Scams and Free Upgrades

A couple of words of warning.  Some roofers are offering to give free upgrades to impact resistant shingles.  Find out first what product they are offering for the free upgrade.  There are some impact resistant shingles out there that are not worth installing.

The second word of warning is that some homeowners have found that they paid for an upgrade, or received a free upgrade, but then found out that no impact resistant shingles had been installed on the roof.  Remember, if somebody's offering you a free upgrade to an impact resistant shingles, and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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