I recently received a phone call from someone in a different city in Colorado. He's a homeowner, and he was concerned about the integrity of his roofing contractor. He had found our videos, so called to ask questions about his situation.

He described many of the things the roofer is doing that are making him uncomfortable and he's justified in being concerned. The primary issue at stake is that the contractor required the homeowner to pay a huge "deposit" payment, but so far there have been no materials delivered to the property. This is in violation of Colorado SB38 and is a major "red flag" when working with a roofing contractor. SB38 was written in response to the hundreds and thousands of Colorado homeowners who have innocently given money to a roofing contractor only to have the contractor bail out on the job or skip town, taking the homeowner's money with him.

This homeowner wanted to know what he should do to "fire" the contractor at this stage of the process and get his money back. In the video I mention two things a homeowner can do, however, I neglected to mention the easiest one, so there are really three things a homeowner can do.

  1. ASK THE CONTRACTOR FOR YOUR MONEY BACK. This is really the easiest path. If the contractor has integrity, he'll likely let you out of the contract and return all of your money. This homeowner did that and the contractor threatened to keep 25% of the money that he has collected so far. Obviously, this contractor has no integrity, which leads to...

  2. MOVE FORWARD WITH THE CONTRACTOR. This will almost always be uncomfortable for the homeowner because of the break-down of trust. In the video I give a suggestion of what you can do if you choose this route. If you have a real trust issue, then consider step 3...

  3. HIRE A LAWYER TO HELP YOU GET OUT OF THE CONTRACT. This is the most uncomfortable path and the one that most homeowners would choose to avoid. It may be the only recourse for you, especially if there's a lot of money at stake.

If you have questions about your situation, and are concerned with the integrity of your roofing contractor, please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email.

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