If a homeowner hires a contractor to do a re-roof on his house, in El Paso County, Colorado, there must be a building permit pulled.  Who should pull the permit?  Should you pull a permit for a roofer?  If the contractor asks the homeowner to do it, should that raise any "red flags"?

If you've got a contractor that you've hired, or that you're considering to hire, and he's telling you that he needs you, the homeowner, to pull a permit, think long and hard about having that person actually do the work on your property.  Here are three things to consider.
First, you should question whether or not the roofer is licensed to work in your city or county.  If he's asking you to pull the permit, chances are he's not licensed.  Check with your local building department to find out if a contractor is licensed to work in your community.
Second, if the re-roof work doesn't pass inspection after work is completed, you are liable for making the necessary corrections for it to pass local code requirements, not the roofing contractor.
Lastly, if a homeowner pulls the roofing permit, he is stating to the local building authorities that he is doing the re-roof work, and not a contractor.  Obviously, this would be a fraudulent statement, and could leave the homeowner in a bad position with the local authorities.
So, should you pull a permit for a roofer?  No.  If a roofer asks you to do so, do not use them.  Instead, find a reputable roofing contractor that is licensed to work in your community.

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