Should You Use An Out Of State Roofer?

  • August 31, 2020

Why do people hire out of town, or out of state roofers?  Most of the time it's because they're lured in by promises of inexpensive (cheap) repairs or stories of local contractors being overwhelmed with work.  So, should you use an out of state roofer?  Consider these points:

First, if the roofer comes in from out of state and re-roofs your home, and then he goes back to whatever state he came from, ask yourself this question.  If you have a problem after the installation, how are you going to get it resolved?
Additionally, there's a good chance that this roofer won't be bringing his own roofing crew.  So if he hires a crew locally, he's not going to know that crew, and won't be able to assure that they will do the job correctly.
Another issue is that an out of state roofer won't be licensed to work in your area, which means he won't be able to pull the proper permit.  He will likely ask you, as the homeowner, to pull the permit (see our video on the risks of doing that).  Again, if there is a problem with the installation, who's going to fix it after the out of state roofer leaves?  If you pulled the permit yourself, it will be your responsibility to correct the improper installation, and that could get really expensive.
So, should you use an out of state roofer to re-roof your house?  No.  The risks you would incur would be much higher than any perceived benefit he may try to convince you of.
Homestead Roofing, Inc is a licensed and fully-insured roofing contractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We serve homeowners in Colorado Springs, Fountain, Falcon, Peyton, Manitou Springs, and other surrounding communities.
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