Homestead Roofing began in March 2013. We did our first roof in April 2013 and used a crew which made a mistake which cost us almost $5000. After recovering from that mistake, we hired Juan Lomeli as our crew foreman and from the second roofing project we did, we have used Juan and his crew to do our re-roofs and roof repairs. Juan and his crew have been with us now for over 3 ½ years.

I don’t think that most people would think of blessings from God coming in this form, but if you ask me, Juan has been the biggest reason that we have enjoyed the success we have, and I am truly thankful that God has given us this crew.

Juan has a core group of men who have been with him for years. If you have a chance, if we’re doing work for you, take a moment to go outside and meet Juan, Alfredo, Daniel, Mainor (pronounced Minor), and “the other” Juan. I guarantee you will truly appreciate the professionalism and courtesy you find in each of these workers. At times, there may be as many as 8 or 9 guys working on your roof and each one of them is a definite asset to our team.

Over the years, while working for a different roofing company, I have had experience with at least 5 other roofing crews and while some of them are faster at what they do, none of them can match the quality, and most importantly, the care with which this crew does what they do. They truly do care about you, the customer, and their work. At the end of each day, they diligently pick up the debris and trash that is generated by the work and roll the property with a magnet to get as many of the nails and staples, and other metal pieces picked up as is possible. If Juan notices something at the job site that will negatively impact the outcome of the job, he is quick to text or call me, or the project manager in charge of the job, and inform us of the issue so we can resolve it. Believe it or not, this is quite rare. Many roofing crews simply don’t care. They are there to get their job done as fast as they can so they can move on to the next job, oftentimes, another one on the same day. Not Juan. He is relentlessly overseeing the details of the job from start to finish and if necessary, will notify us if something needs addressing.

I often get asked by clients, other roofers, or just people in conversations, “How many crews do you have?” Sometimes, especially when talking to other people in this industry, there’s an awkward feeling before I admit that we only use one crew. It’s kind of a peer-pressure thing I guess when you know other roofers have 3 or 5 crews or even more. How many crews you “run” becomes a kind of status symbol of how successful you are. Sometimes I imagine that a potential client may think that I’m not really much of a roofing contractor if I only have one crew. But then I think about the other crews that I have used and other crews I see around town. Or I hear the horror stories from people as they tell me about the crew that worked on their roof. Then I’m proud of our one crew. I’m proud that we have confidence in the men we send to a job site. I’m proud that Juan takes his time; that he doesn’t bang out a roof in 5 hours and rush on to the next one. I’m proud of the excellent clean-up and attention to detail that he demonstrates. Most of all, I’m proud of the way he treats our clients with respect and gratitude.