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Insurance Claims and Roofing

Why You Shouldn't Call Your Insurance Company After a Storm

When a storm hits your property, you may feel tempted to call your insurance company. However, it actually puts you at...

Roofing FAQs

7 Questions to Ask a Roofer in Colorado Springs

When it's time to hire a roofer in Colorado Springs, you want to make sure you ask them all the right questions. These...

Insurance Claims and Roofing

Is Your Insurance Lying to You About Your Roofing Damage?

The big question is: can you trust the insurance company you currently use? Here are a few things to remember when...

Roofing Hacks

Don't Give A Roofer Money Up Front!

The number one mistake that homeowners make is to give a roofer money up front. Homeowners risk losing their money when...

Insurance Claims and Roofing

A Roofer's Perspective: What's the Best Insurance Company?

One question that we get a lot is: What's the best insurance company? Since we deal with insurers on a daily basis,...

Insurance Claims and Roofing

Understanding The Insurance Claim Process For a New Roof

Your home is your most valuable asset. For this reason, you want to be sure that you do everything you can to protect...

Roofing Scams

6 Tricks Insurance Companies Use To Reduce Your Roofs Claim Amount

This video explains the tricks insurance companies use to reduce your claim amount. It's important to know these tricks...

Roofing FAQs

7 Roof Maintenance Tips that You Should Know

Whether you're a long-time homeowner or are just simply curious, knowing the in's and out's of roof maintenance is...

Roofing FAQs

What is the Best Time of Year to Roof a House?

Many people will stress over choosing the best time of year to perform roof repairs on their home. But, what is the...