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Insurance Claims and Roofing

What if I keep My Insurance Claim Money

You've received your insurance claim check - now what? In this article, we'll explore how best to handle the money so...

Roofing Scams

Beware of Door Knocking Roofers and Storm Chasers

Protect yourself against door-knocking roofers and storm-chasing companies. Here's what you need to know before hiring...

Roofing Hacks

Gutter Cleaning: The Best Tips and Tools For A Fast, Easy Job

Gutters need to be cleaned out regularly to prevent leaks and roof damage. With these tips and tools, you can get the...

Roofing FAQs

The Best Skylights for Your Roof

Not sure what type of skylight is best for your home? Check out this guide to the different types of skylights and find...

Insurance Claims and Roofing

Should I Turn in an Insurance Claim for my Roof?

Find out if you should turn in a roofing insurance claim, and what other options are available to you.

Roofing FAQs

What to look for when a roofer does a bad job

If you've ever had a roofing contractor do a project and it didn't turn out the way you wanted, then you need to read...

Roofing FAQs

Can't Find A Contractor In Your Small Town? Try These 3 Tips

If you're having trouble finding a contractor in your small town, try these tips to make the process easier.

Roofing FAQs

The Pitch Hopper: The Roofing Industry's Best Kept Secret

If you're a roofer, then you know the importance of having the right tools for the job. That's why I'm excited to tell...

Roofing FAQs

The Top Questions Your Roofer Can't Answer (And What to Do About It)

There are some roof questions that your roofing contractors can't answer. This is because a roofing company does not...