We’ve been waiting for this system to get shipped to us for weeks and it’s finally here! As part of our commitment to our clients to leave their property as clean as it was when we arrived, Homestead Roofing is announcing our No Garbage Left Behind system. There are several components to this system:

  1. Ground nets – these nets are laid down all around the house. They extend several feet away from the base of the house and are designed to prevent roofing waste such as felt paper pieces, shingle pieces, nails, staples, and other debris from getting into your yard. Even though our crew has always had one or two guys picking up waste and debris from the yards, this system should keep your property even cleaner than we ever could have before.

  2. Vertical chutes – these nets are supported against the walls of the house using telescoping poles with soft pads at the connection with the walls. This protects the paint and siding from marring and it also provides a gripping surface to prevent the chutes from blowing or sliding off the walls. These chutes help direct falling material onto the ground nets.

  3. Landscaping nets – these allow us to cover bushes, shrubs, and other items in the landscape and protect them from getting small debris in them. If we need to protect delicate plants, we’ll still angle plywood over them as we have done in the past. However, these nets will protect from most debris that falls into the yard and they’re much more portable.

  4. Gutter guards – this is my favorite part of the system. These are hard-coated plastic pieces which get placed into the gutters and overlap. This catches the nails and shingle grit that would normally end up in the gutter. Not only that, but the “rhino” lining on the top lip of the gutter guards protect the gutter from getting marred, scratched, or dinged by shingles sliding down the roof.

I’m super excited to be able to announce the Homestead Roofing No Garbage Left Behind protection system for our clients.

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