"My bathroom fan is leaking!"  If your bathroom vent fan has water leaking around or next to it, the problem may not be your roof, but could be the ventilation system itself.

What's Wrong With My Ventilation System?

During cold weather, if your bath exhaust fan vents into your attic and not through your roof, it could be building up condensation which then follows the vent pipe back down into your bathroom ceiling. This can result in a surprising revelation as you're sitting down, "doing business".  Or worse, it can ruin the drywall around the fan itself.

Relax!  You probably don't have a leaky roof, but your ventilation system could use some upgrades.  To alleviate the problem, the best solution is to install an insulated vent pipe from your bathroom fan, and install a roof vent.  Here is El Paso County, Colorado, this solution is now required by code on all new construction.

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