A common question people have is , "Can you roof my house in the winter?".

Last summer and fall, many roofers were faced with a sliding production schedule because of the late, wet weather we had. Combine that with the huge volume of damaged roofs in this area, and many homeowners have had to wait until the winter months before their roofs can be replaced.

So the big question is, "Can you roof my house in the winter?" and the answer to that is, "Yes."

The climate in El Paso county is mild enough to allow roofers to keep working almost all year. The conditions that are needed are sun and temperatures of at least 45 with more sunny, warm weather for at least a day or two after the roof is installed so that the shingles have a chance to seal.

Take a walk with us for a few minutes and find out if you should have any concerns about having your roof installed in the colder weather months.

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