One of the primary ways homeowners get scammed out of their money is by giving a roofer a deposit payment up-front.  A word to the wise is, don't give a roofer money up front.   When the roofer disappears, so does your money!

Roofers Can't Legally Collect Money Before Delivering Materials

According to Colorado state law (SB38), a roofing contractor cannot collect a deposit payment from a homeowner until materials are delivered to the job site.  If a roofer asks for money up front, that should be a red flag to the homeowner.  Beware of "storm chasers", who come into an area after a hail storm.  They are the ones who are most likely to scam a homeowner out of their deposit money.

Also, be aware that if you do get scammed out of your money, and you received that money from an insurance settlement, the insurance company is not going to reimburse you for your loss.  The same is true if you are paying for the roof yourself.  So, buyer beware, and don't give a roofer money up front!

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