Your home is your most valuable asset. For this reason, you want to be sure that you do everything you can to protect it. As the old adage goes: knowledge is power. This holds true especially when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. 

Understanding the insurance claim process for a new roof is so important because the more information you have, the easier it’ll be to get all the money you need for proper roof repairs.

It's crucial to remember that insurance plans differ greatly and many homeowners either don't know what they’re insurance contract covers or they misunderstand it. As a result, homeowners are surprised when the insurance company provides them with a roof repair or replacement estimate below what they expected.

All commercialized insurance companies are strictly for-profit enterprises. This means that their primary goal is to bring in more money than they pay out. They must also protect themselves from fraud. In order to guarantee profits and shield themselves from fraud, lengthy contracts are crafted by attorneys. This means that fewer than five percent of Americans actually understand many of the terms in those contracts—if they're read at all.

How Insurance Estimates Are Created

After you've contacted the insurance company about roof damage, a claim adjuster will be sent to your home to assess the damage. Once the assessment is finished, the adjuster will then create an estimate. And that is exactly what it will be, an estimate.

Estimates are created using claims management software with hundreds of predefined items pertaining to standard roof damage repair. Prices have been attributed to each one of those items. As the adjuster clicks each item they feel best fits with your claim, those prices will be added to the sum. However, most adjusters are merely working from a template and don't consider the unique aspects of individual claims. And even though makers of such software claim that their product is always up-to-date, we've found that to not always be the case.

The Problem With Claims Management Software

Since every home isn't the same, trying to adjust a claim via templated software already places homeowners in a precarious situation. This is because some roofs have features that aren't listed in the claim adjustment software. 

If you bring this to the insurance company's attention, it can be tough getting those features added to the claim.

Another big issue with claims management software is that it often doesn't have updated data concerning the real-time costs of material and labor. Over the past several years, claims management software has really lagged behind when it comes to fixing or replacing a roof in Colorado Springs.

Working With Homestead Roofing

Homestead Roofing works with your insurance company; we also know all the correct documentation that insurance companies want; we know what format that documentation should be in; we photograph and document all the damage to your roof so that we can present a detailed estimate to your insurance provider. We use the same satellite measuring system that insurance companies use as well.

By working with us, you will have a roofing company that knows how to play the insurance game in your favor. In order to learn more about this topic or to get a roofing estimate, please contact us today to get the process started.

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