If someone in the home restoration or insurance industry talks with you about a supplement, they're not recommending vitamins. They're referring to the act of requesting an addition to your insurance claim.  Understanding insurance supplements is important, and how they affect your property damage claim.


Very often the insurance claim you receive for damage to your home will be too low.  This is normally because of missing items from the necessary scope of work.  Items may be missing because of a number of reasons.

One reason is because insurance adjusters are rarely experienced in construction or restoration.

Another reason may be because they're unaware of local building codes, so they may not include items required by the current codes.

Another reason is because businesses try to save money.

One other reason may be because your policy excludes payments for certain things.  A good example of that is hail-damaged metals, such as your drip edge flashing, furnace vent cap, or gutters. Some insurance company policies state that this is "cosmetic damage" or "marring," and is excluded from your coverage.

Another policy exclusion is called "Ordinance and Law."  That means that if you don't have Ordinance and Law coverage in your policy, your insurance company doesn't have to pay for your new roof to meet current building codes.  For example, if your house was last roofed, or built before a particular code went into effect, without Ordinance and Law coverage on your policy you will have to pay out of pocket for any materials required by building codes.

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