A couple of weeks ago, Homestead Roofing participated in our 3rd local Professional Roofer Advisory Council (PRAC) at the Marriott Hotel on April 3rd, hosted and sponsored by CertainTeed, the primary shingle manufacturer used by Homestead Roofing. In the words of CertainTeed, “The PRAC is composed of a select group of experienced and respected professional roofing contractors, each chosen based on their record of achievement and expertise in the industry.”

The purpose of the PRAC is for CertainTeed to openly solicit information from these select groups among their client base on matters pertaining to CertainTeed products and support and the roofing industry in general. It is their effort to improve their company, their support, and their product offering. Many of CertainTeed's best products and programs have been developed as a result of the PRAC meetings.

Not only is CertainTeed interested in our input on how to make their company better, but they also asked us about the challenges we face in our individual businesses and how they can help us operate our companies better, more efficiently, and more streamlined.

As a business owner in the roofing industry, I really appreciate what CertainTeed is doing with these as it confirms in my mind Homestead Roofing's commitment to the CertainTeed product line, and we're thankful and honored to have been invited to be a part of the 2019 PRAC.

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