Are you completely fed up with the weather in Colorado Springs? This is the most insane weather activity I've ever seen in my 55 years as a Colorado Springs resident.

On August 6th, 2018, Colorado Springs got hit with the 5th major hail storm event this year. Not only was this one bad because it has come so close behind 2 other major storms to hit the south Colorado Springs and Fountain communities, it was bad because the size and scope of the storm was so much larger than the June 13th storm.

This storm began on the southwest side of town, in the Broadmoor. It moved southeast through Broadmoor Bluffs, then headed towards Fountain, delivering hail the size of tennis balls, and smashing roofs made with shingles, metal, and concrete tiles, not to mention the damage it did - once again - to hundreds, or thousands of cars. Some people have sustained hail damage to brand new cars they bought after the last hail storm in June.


Now What?

Here are some different scenarios to help you evaluate what to do now.

1. If you have filed a claim for damage caused to your home from the June 13th storm, but you have not yet had your property repaired, DO NOT CALL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY'S CLAIMS DEPARTMENT! Have your contractor revisit your property to see if you have any new damage to anything. If your roof was damaged previously, new damage will not affect it unless there are holes now in your roof. You will want to look at the house exterior to see if there is any new damage. If not, you don't want to have a 2nd claim on your record. If there is new, additional damage, you should talk to your insurance agent about how to proceed.

2. If you filed a claim for damage caused by the June 13th storm, and you have already had the repairs done, contact your contractor and ask him to evaluate any possible damage that there may be. Again, do not call your claims department until your contractor evaluates your property, unlessyou know that you have sustained new damage.

3. If you have not filed a claim from the previous storms, you still should not call your claims department until you have your property evaluated by a contractor, unless you know you have sustained damage.


What If I Have New Damage?

If you already have a claim from a storm earlier this year, and you have had your property inspected and you know you now have new damage, and that damage is substantial enough to need repairs, you should call your insurance agent to seek advice about filing another claim. If you do have to file another claim, you should expect the process to work like it did earlier this year. An adjuster will come to your property to assess the amount of damage, they'll issue you a claim estimate and you'll have to pay your deductible payment again.

If you have any questions about this situation and whether or not you have damage from today's storm, please call our office at 719-433-6991.


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